Ways to Personalize Your Portable Display

Trade shows, job fairs and other settings where many vendors battle for attendees’ attention can be great for brand building and lead generation but they’re not inexpensive. The total costs of space, exhibit displays and graphics, travel, marketing materials and follow up can add up quickly, so participants have to ensure that their displays attract the attention of event attendees. Most businesses can’t afford to blend into the background in a setting where there’s so much to see that it can be difficult to see anything at all. It’s important to attract the attention of individuals on the floor.

There are many ways to personalize your portable display and your display space, but many event participants fail to take advantage. That’s good for event participants that choose to add an overhead display or customize their displays to fit their brand. Personalizing the portable display to fit the brand and to attract more attention enhances the probability that the trade show or event will be regarded as being positive for the business.

Custom Graphics
Big companies have been able to splash large format graphics nearly everywhere for a very long time. Thanks to changes in technology and more affordable large format equipment pricing in recent years, large format printing now allows small companies to do the same, and at prices that small companies can afford. A large format banner raised above the level of your competitors’ displays can attract a great deal of attention among event attendees.

A ten foot popup display can span the entire length of your booth space and has the benefit of also extending past the five- to six-foot eye level of most individuals who will be passing in front of the booth. Lightweight, portable and easy to set up, a popup display with compelling and well designed large format graphics can attract a lot of attention.

There is no limit to the impact that custom printed large format graphics can have. The popup, large format display can be as simple as the company’s logo or it can contain detailed information that can invite attendees to linger and read its message. It can function as an attention grabber or give detailed information. It can present a general message and invite attendees to seek greater detail. The ways in which a popup, large format backdrop display can be used are nearly limitless.

Choose a Display Style To Fit Your Image
Its very important to choose a display style that reinforces your brand image. A company offering cutting edge technology and one offering high end landscaping services should have very differnt types of portable displays. Each can greatly benefit from a display style that suits the brand, however. Matching the display style with the brand results in a synergistic effect.

Video & TV Monitors
We all have come to be dependent on video input, to the point that most people expect to see video within the trade show environment. Attendees are quite willing to watch video messages even when they resist the same information provided through other means or media. Video captures people’s attention and can cause the steady stream of traffic past a booth to stop and take in the marketer’s message.

Lighting Is Important
Lighting can create an inviting scene that draws event attendees into the display space. Marketers promoting outdoor products can benefit from adding full spectrum lighting that more closely matches the light quality of the sun. A company promoting products that would be found in a cozy indoor room can add lights colored to resemble the light qualities of a comfortable and inviting indoor space, even if that means protecting the display space from the glaring fluorescent lights far overhead. Both halogen and LED lights are very effective at illuminating trade show display booths and backlit graphics can add an additional visual impact.

Display Frame and Fabric Colors
Display frames and fabrics can set the tone of the display space and turn an otherwise unremarkable booth into a visually attractive space that commands attention. A unique display frame can draw attention to your booth and compliment your brand image.

Hanging Overhead Signage
Using a hanging overhead display effectively increases the visual space the booth occupies. Most trade shows, job fairs and similar events occur in high-ceilinged, cavernous rooms broken into grids and walkways that function only in two dimensions. Nearly all marketers neglect the use of the area above their allotted floor space, failing to maximize all of the space they could be using to their benefit. A hanging overhead display sign serves to attract more attention as well as identify the booth from a distance.

Even if the hanging display contains nothing but a brand name, its unexpected presence can help to draw people to the space. The hanging display can be a straight banner or piece of fabric, but it also can be dimensional in any number of shapes to add additional visual interest to the display space.

Incorporate a Gimmick or Game
65% of American households play videogames and the numbers are growing every year. Adding a game to your display space can encourage trade show attendees to come into your booth and stay for a longer period of time. The game can be a popular commercial game or it can be a simpler one designed specifically to support the exhibitor’s brand. No matter what game you choose, games are a great way to get the attention of attendees and the process of learning and playing the game is a natural ice breaker and provides an opening to learn more about your prospects needs and see if there’s a fit for your product or service.
Incorporate a Giveaway That Reinforces Your Brand
Giving away something unique or valuable (in the eyes of the attendee) not only serves to bring people into the display space, it also gives the marketer useful contact information. The ideal giveaway is something that the attendee will keep around such as a USB drive, mug, t-shirt, notepad, or maybe even a toy for the kids. The more they see your logo throughout the year the more likely they will think of you the next time they need a product or service in your niche.

Important Reasons to Exhibit at a Trade Show

There are many different reasons to exhibit at a Trade Show and one  is that it’s possible to accomplish a variety of highly strategic objectives within a short period of time. Trade shows aren’t simply for meeting with customers and new prospects, they’re a unique “community” of customers, prospects, partners, and media that you need to be influencing to grow your business.

The following list shows strategic functions which can benefit from a trade show.

• Research
• Build your Team
• Brand
• Launch
• Sell

• Research a potential new market and quickly understand customer needs and reactions to current or planned future product or service offerings.
• Obtain product or service feedback

Build your Team
• Find and recruit new channel partners
• Build sales team moral
• Educate your sales team and channel partners
• Find potential technology partners

• Demo new products or new service offerings to potential customers
• Launch a new brand or company to your target market and media targets

• Create or reinforce your brand image and potentially gain leadership positioning
• Re-position your company within your market
• Meet with key members of the press and media (PR) to generate free publicity and a deeper understanding of your products and corporate messaging.

• Meet with hundreds of prospects in your target market many of whom are actively searching for your products or services
• Shorten the buying cycle through product demonstrations, meetings with key executives, and access to key technical personnel and decision makers
• Gain immediate sales revenues through on show sales events and promotions
• Enter new markets quickly
• Reach existing customers and new prospects at a much lower cost per personal interaction
• Generate hundreds of sales leads and qualify those leads

Trade Shows Are Here to Stay!

Across the country, trade shows are rising in popularity and much of this has to do with the one thing that everyone craves the most: human interaction. While many trade show exhibitors are use modern technology such as social media to market themselves, and there are tech savvy booths at most trade shows, they are not going away. They are here to stay. And there are five reasons why you can count on them sticking around.

Meeting Face To Face

There are only so many ways to look at a product online. Even if a company was clever enough to create a video on how it works, sometimes you just want to see the product in person. You want to be able to hold it, touch it, see it and ask questions about it. When you attend trade shows, there are companies with booths that make all of this possible. You don’t have to look up FAQs online or send an email. A representative is in the booth to talk to you about the product. This desire is part of human nature, so embrace it.

Whether you are buying or selling, you need this face to face interaction no matter how much you try and deny it. You have undoubtedly been in a position where you wanted to buy something online and were frustrated because you wanted to ask questions or wanted to see the product in person before you made a decision. Trade shows provide you with the physical element that can never be achieved online.


Social media may be the way that you network for most of the year, but you look forward to that one time of year when you can attend a trade show for your industry. You will be able to talk to people who are in your industry, hand out business cards, and even talk about a variety of topics. This interaction can add to your online network and allow you to meet people that you have been introduced to on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Being able to stand face to face with someone can be the best way to form a partnership or make a sale. You will be able to share more details and even be able to buy them a drink to talk business in further depth – something that you simply cannot do when you are limited by characters online.

Build Brand Confidence

Have you ever gotten into a conflict with someone over your “tone” in an email? Texts, emails, and social media posts are the most impersonal form of communication because you cannot express a tone of voice or read body language. When you are trying to build confidence in yourself or your product and promote trust, you cannot rely on modern technology. Even Skype can be impersonal, which means you need to rely on trade shows to help build confidence within your brand.

Sometimes people are skeptical about what they see online. Whether they have been burned in the past or they simply want to know more about a company, a website is not always going to build confidence. You may have the best website in the history of websites and people will still be skeptical. The trade show builds confidence because they can see you, ask questions of you, and see that you have a real product to offer.

Tell Your Story

No matter how great your website is and how much you tweet about your products, it can be impossible to tell the story about who you are and why their business would be better with you in it. Exhibits can provide you with the opportunity to interact face to face with customers and allow you to discuss why your products are better than the competitor’s products. Your booth and the people at your booth are what make you successful. While you try to put as much information as possible on your website, there is no way for you to talk to the people who visit your website to tell them all they want to know and all that will help close the sale. Trade shows are still the best way to close a deal because of that human interaction that is missing online.

You Have A Captive Audience

Smartphones and other mobile devices have given everyone a case of A.D.D.. No one can stay focused on a single task anymore because they are on information overload. When a trade show is in town, you have a captive audience. Everyone at the conference is likely there because they have the same interests – and it’s likely that the product you have at your booth is capable of helping them. In due time, they will make their way to your booth – and if you have a compelling trade show booth and did your preshow marketing, you can be sure they arrive at your booth before going to someone else’s.

A trade show eliminates the need to be the best in SEO because you have a captive audience. Most people won’t make a decision right then and there about which product to buy, but they can obtain your information and you can make a lasting impression – one that doesn’t revolve around whether or not they can find your website on Google.

You don’t have to have the best website or the best SEO or even the best PPC marketing campaign. All you need is an attention getting trade show display, well trained booth staff, and a good sales pitch. These are all items that are within your control – unlike many elements of web marketing.

Trade shows also have the human element that social media sites and webpages don’t. No matter how much people rely on the Internet for almost everything they do, nothing can replace the human element of being face to face. Trade shows will forever be around because they offer the face to face human element better than anything else does

Pop Up Display Anyone?

Pop up trade show displays truly provide the ultimate in portability and ease of setup. A popup tradeshow exhibit folds down into a small little bundle that weighs only 10 to 15 pounds (not including the carpet or graphic panels) and is easily placed inside a wheeled shipping case.

Popup tradeshow displays come in three major categories:

1. Popups with a set of carpet covered hanging panels which are Velcro compatible for easy placement of lexan graphic panels.
2. Popups with graphic panels – also known as mural panels since they go from the bottom to the top of the structure.
3. Fabric popups which use a large printed fabric graphic for the entire backwall.

One of the key considerations in choosing a popup is the construction of the frame itself and the locking mechanism. You want to purchase a frame that is well constructed to withstand repeated setups and teardowns. The last thing you want is to be stuck at a trade show with a broken frame. You also want a frame that has a secure locking mechanism to ensure that it stays up throughout your show.

Pop up trade show displays also come in a variety of shapes and sizes from tabletop popups for small shows and sales calls to 8’ and 10’ pop up displays for small trade show booths to 20 foot in-line and even 20×20 foot island displays for large spaces. Popups are also available in straight or curved wall styles as well as a “serpentine” shape that is an s-shaped display.

Although pop up displays are fairly lightweight structures, some of the higher end models will offer shelving options, built in display cases, and small LCD monitor mounts. The shelves are not designed to hold heavy objects – so if you have heavier weight products to display you should look at a truss display or a modular display system as a portable display alternative.

If you want high impact graphics, a full mural pop-up or mural fabric pop up display is a great cost effective solution. For more branding and messaging space most pop up display booths offer “case to counter conversion kits” which are fabric or graphic wraps for the wheeled carrying case that allow the case to do double duty as a convenient counter or podium for your booth.

Have A Strategy

A strategy is how to engage interested customers by building rapport using your staff that is currently manning your booth. Start the conversation, followed by asking some relevant questions and finding out what exactly it is they are wanting. At that point, whomever has the better rapport with the customer can continue the chat, while the other prepares the literature, etc.….and this way if another party walks up, then you help out the new person(s) while I continue to help the first customer and we can both prepare the literature ….”

You never know when you will get busy and have 5 people at your booth, and 3 of them are prime customer candidates. In order to effectively reach these qualified customers, a strong, detailed and practiced marketing strategy is a must.

Trade Show Basics

Proper training of employees for your trade show booth is critically important to a successful trade show event. How many times have we visited a booth only to be greeted by someone with zero knowledge of the products or services being offered or not greeted at all!
Training sessions are critical. You’ll need to cover booth procedures like greetings, lead capture and procession and product & service training. You will only have a minute to two to grab a potential customer’s attention so staff personnel need to be sharp and concise. The trade show environment is unique since it provides a volume of qualified buyers, but these buyers have very little time to spend with any individual exhibitors due to the extensive conference schedules and large number of exhibitors in the exhibit hall.

Trade Show Displays For Trade Show Exhibits

Trade show displays are the most important item for a successful trade show exhibit or trade show. When someone wants to buy a trade show display from the web, he or she must choose a professional company, who are experts in trade show display booths. For purchasing a trade show display you must choose the most trustworthy company who also provide excellent customer service. The trade show displays are important for each & every organization that is in the business area. The clients looking for trade show displays vary greatly. The list of clients can range from international organizations to local home business organizations.

The trade show displays vary in their shapes, sizes  & colors. There are many different styles & types of trade show displays. Some are small but very versatile in set up and that easily attract the audience. While choosing the right type of trade show displays, one also has to get the correct size & shape to feature the products that are going to promote. Trade show displays are available in a variety of colors. Our trade show displays are very competitively priced so call us today at 800-457-2369 and see what real customer service is all about.

Portable Displays Let You Hit Multiple Trade Shows with Confidence

Are you thinking about the type of experience you want to have at trade shows? You are definitely not alone. Many business owners are excited about the potential business that trade shows can bring them, but they also need to make sure that they think about the marketing aspect as well. You want maximum visibility when it comes to trade shows, and you don’t want to just assume the audience will magically materialize.

Portable displays let you hit multiple trade shows with ease, and they also will make it a lot easier to attract a crowd. The more that you can get the audience to buy into what you have to say, the more likely it is that you will pick up some new customers. The cost of doing business at trade shows can be quite high sometimes, but it’s definitely worth it when you think about all of the new prospects that you can add to your list.

The time is right to start thinking about portable displays before your next round of trade shows. When you look at how effective they are in getting attention, you’ll be glad you took the time to look into it for your own business!

Portable displays answer to promotional activities

If you are interested in promotional activities for your products or services the most crucial part would be visibility. This is possible only through different and unique display stands designs that will help you stand out during the trade shows, conferences, seminars or any other event. You might have various concepts and designs in your mind but falls short of transporting the accessories required for the stand and space constraint. It would be difficult to accommodate large stands when the area allotted to you is lesser and not to forget the times when the organizers fail to provide even with basic accessories to set up your booth.

This can be taken care of with the help of portable displays. Portable display stands are different from the standard displays. As the name suggest it is easy to move, set up and dismantle. They can be packed into cases and does not weigh much. You save yourself from the hassle of hiring vehicle to fit the transport and take it safely to the venue. This makes it easier to carry and transport also. This in turn helps you save your money and time that you would otherwise invest in display stands and not get fruitful result also

Follow Through With Clients In Trade Show Exhibits

It is very important to follow the audiences who come along to watch your trade show booths. To follow them you have to take a few strategies. One of the most important strategies is building trust. To develop your relationship with the customers & audiences requires trust. When a visitor came & sees your booth in an exhibition, they meet with your staff, see the products & services & sometimes even ask for more information, pricing, arranging meetings. After the trade show, you have to follow the dialog & contact with them immediately.

One can plan distribute the valuable trade show leads before going to the show. One can appoint individuals to receive the leads. You can get the leads out to your sales team & into database on a timely basis. One can always check & review that how a surge in leads can be processed to prevent the trade show booth from getting bogged down by internal bottle necks.

However, one must remember that most of the time, the business gained from trade shows are results of the follow up efforts. The trade show leads distribution before the trade show also creates a great maximizing effect in sales & in the business.